Agnew's Track

Mike Agnew - February 2001
My buddy enjoys riding this small track - so we named it after him.

Mike & Darla Agnew - February 2001

Brad Stone - Fall 1985
   This picture was taken back when we had a much larger track which engulfed what is now called "Agnew's Track".   The old track was a giant oval nearly a half mile in circumference encircling a large open field.   But we later planted pines in that field which pretty much destroyed the track.

Tommy Faulkner - Fall 1985

Brad Stone & Jeff Cotten - Summer 1984
   I would imagine Jeff can't steer too well like that.   You can't see it, but the old track is encircling this open field.   Today this field is covered in large pine trees which we planted just a couple of years after this picture was taken.

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