Early construction - Fall 1984
   Dad designed Brushyhenge so that the front right side points exactly to the furthest the sun sets in the South during the year and the front left side points to the furthest the sun sets to the North.   And he was, of course, right on the money.

Summer of 1985
left to right: Tommy Faulkner, "Mississippi" Jim Rowley, Steve Cox, me (Brad Stone).

Brad, Neil & David - March 1998

Kim & Richie Menchaca and Gary Krumbholtz - March 1995

   Below is a Windows Media Player video of several of my buds on Brushyhenge just before sunset.   That's Gary Krumbholz with the telescope.   When this was shot, we thought this was going to be the last big Brushyland trip because the land was about to be sold - luckily the deal fell threw :)

Brushyhenge - February 2nd, 1997

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