The Jack Daniel's Tree

   Years ago my dad started hanging empty bottles of Pinch scotch in a tree out at Brushyland.   Well, being the original thinker that I am, I started hanging Jack Daniel's bottles in another tree.   My tree, however, is a huge Dogwood tree that blooms bright white flowers each Spring.   It basically kicks butt on the Pinch Tree.   The above black & white picture was taken by Angela Veillon.

Mike Agnew & Devin Dreiling - February 1997

   Below is a link to a Windows Media Player video of some friends of mine gathering around the Jack Daniel's Tree in it's original location.   A few months later we had some of Brushyland's trees harvested and the logging crew dropped a huge pine tree on my Jack Daniel's Tree, crushing it.   Probably Jim Beam drinkers.

Jack Daniel's Tree - 02/01/1997

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