Brushyland - January 2002

*** Garratt Carlson ***
How cool is this?! Garratt drove his electric four wheeler all over the camp area. His mom (Allie) had to push him up a hill or two that it couldn't quite get up but other than that it did great out there.

He's A Lumberjack And He's Okay...
Technically this picture is from a trip on the previous weekend - but I just had to include it. Until this trip, Mike hadn't experienced the cathartic sweat of chainsawing in the woods. He and his new chainsaw kicked butt.

*** The Token Brushyhenge Pic ***
      tom row: Nicky, Ryan, Gary, Dave, Brad
      bottom row: Neil, Brian, Darla, Alaina (notice her hat), Allison, Garratt, Courtney

*** Mother And Daughter On Brushyhenge ***
Goodness, are those pictures of Allison and Alaina awesome or what?

*** Gary Krumbholz ***
We had the pleasure of hearing Gary play and sing around the campfire again this trip. And yes, he played "Fire And Rain" - and lots of other cool tunes from Willie to Stevie Ray.   Great stuff.

We played a new *night* game this trip that was an absolute blast. Someone would go out on a 4-wheeler and hide glow sticks on our various wooded trails and then the others would divide up into two teams and try to find them - on dirtbikes and 4-wheelers. Yes, they have good headlights. There's nothing like being on a dirtbike on a chilly night in the middle of the woods. Very thrilling.

We also got to see Saturn and Jupiter via Chris' telescope. It wasn't a very powerful telescope, but you could still just make out Saturn's rings and Jupiter's moons. Not bad! Despite my best efforts I could not see Uranus :)

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