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Billie Hale (1934-2020)
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   Welcome to Brad Stone's home page! Brushy Land is the nickname for a piece of land my dad bought back in the late '70s. It is 230 acres of forested, hilly East Texas land near Athens, TX. It's located near a creek called Brushy Creek...hence the nickname "Brushy Land." Dad and I and our friends go out there several times a year to camp, shoot skeet, immerse ourselves in nature, laugh at each other and ride 4-wheelers & motorcycles. Good times.

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Brushy Land Trips

Other Brushy Land Stuff
Video Clips Of Brushy Land And Other Cool Places
Road Map To Brushy Land - the username is "map" (lower case), then enter the password
Clickable Trail Map Of Brushy Land
My Dad's Thanksgiving Poem
Brushy Land Turns 30!
My Essay About Brushy Land Turning 30
My Essay About Brushy Land Turning 40
Old Pictures Of Brushy Land
The XR185 Tree & The Rock Tree - February 2005
Sealing "Lake Two Moons" - June 2005
Rebuilding Brushyhenge - January 2006 
Sealing "Lake Two Moons" Part II - June 2007 
Rebuilding The Front Entrance - February 2009 
Building the Sunrise Platform - Feb-April 2013 
Brushy Land T-Shirt on Zazzle.com

Trips To The Rocky Mountains
Background On Dirt Bike/Mountain Trips
1993 Summer Mountain Trip 
1994 Fall Mountain Trip
1995 Fall Mountain Trip 
1996 Fall Mountain Trip
1997 Fall Mountain Trip
1998 Fall Mountain Trip
1999 Fall Mountain Trip
2000 Summer Mountain Trip
2001 Summer Mountain Trip
2001 Fall Mountain Trip 
2002 Fall Mountain Trip
2003 Fall Mountain Trip
2004 Fall Mountain Trip
2005 Fall Mountain Trip
2006 Summer Mountain Trip - 30th Anniverary Trip
2006 Fall Mountain Trip
2007 Fall Mountain Trip 
2008 Fall Mountain Trip
2010 Fall Mountain Trip 
2011 Fall Mountain Trip
2012 Fall Mountain Trip
2013 Fall Mountain Trip
2014 Summer Mountain Trip
2015 Fall Mountain Trip
2016 Fall Mountain Trip - 40th Anniverary Trip
2017 Fall Mountain Trip
2018 Fall Mountain Trip
2019 Fall Mountain Trip

Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boils  (eatin' tails and suckin' heads)
Crawfish Boil #1   04/19/1997
Crawfish Boil #2   04/22/2000 
Crawfish Boil #3   04/07/2001
Crawfish Boil #4   04/13/2002
Crawfish Boil #5   04/12/2003
Crawfish Boil #6   04/17/2004
Crawfish Boil #7   04/16/2005
Crawfish Boil #8 (and Brad's 40th bday)   04/22/2006 
Crawfish Boil #9   04/21/2007
Crawfish Boil #10  04/26/2008
Crawfish Boil #11  04/25/2009
Crawfish Boil #12  04/24/2010
Crawfish Boil #13  04/16/2011
Crawfish Boil #14  04/21/2012
Crawfish Boil #15  04/20/2013
Crawfish Boil #16  04/26/2014
Crawfish Boil #17  04/25/2015
Crawfish Boil #18 (and Brad's 50th bday)   04/23/2016
Crawfish Boil #19  04/22/2017
Crawfish Boil #20  04/21/2018
Crawfish Boil #21  04/27/2019

My Annual Oktoberfest Parties  (Beer & brats in Brad's backyard)
Oktoberfest Party #1   10/14/2017
Oktoberfest Party #2   10/20/2018
Oktoberfest Party #3   10/12/2019

My Annual Catch & Release Bass Tourney
General information on the Bass Tournament
Stoner's 1st Annual Bass Tournament (1995)
Stoner's 2nd Annual Bass Tournament (1996)
Stoner's 3rd Annual Bass Tournament (1997)
Stoner's 4th Annual Bass Tournament (1998)
Stoner's 5th Annual Bass Tournament (1999) 
Stoner's 6th Annual Bass Tournament (2000)
Stoner's 7th Annual Bass Tournament (2001)
Stoner's 8th Annual Bass Tournament (2002)
Stoner's 9th Annual Bass Tournament (2003)
Stoner's 10th Annual Bass Tournament (2004)
Stoner's 11th Annual Bass Tournament (2005)
Stoner's 12th Annual Bass Tournament (2006)
Stoner's 13th Annual Bass Tournament (2007)
Stoner's 14th Annual Bass Tournament (2008)
Stoner's 15th Annual Bass Tournament (2009)
Stoner's 16th Annual Bass Tournament (2010)
Stoner's 17th Annual Bass Tournament (2011)
Stoner's 18th Annual Bass Tournament (2012)
Stoner's 19th Annual Bass Tournament (2013)
Stoner's 20th Annual Bass Tournament (2014)
Stoner's 21st Annual Bass Tournament (2015)
Stoner's 22nd Annual Bass Tournament (2016)
Stoner's 23rd Annual Bass Tournament (2017)
Stoner's 24th Annual Bass Tournament (2018)
Stoner's 25th Annual Bass Tournament (2019)

Bass Fishing Trips
Lake El Salto, Mexico My bass fishing trip to El Salto with Jeff Cotten in May 2005.
Lake El Salto, Mexico My 2nd trip down to a great largemouth bass lake - May 2006.
Lake Fork, TX Night fishing with Jeff Cotten - June 2, 2006.
Lake El Salto, Mexico Another fun trip to the Mexican bass fishing lake - January 2007.
Lake Fork, TX Fishing with Jeff & Steve - June 8 & 9, 2007.
Lake Fork, TX Fishing with David Hood - July 27, 2007.
Lake Fork, TX Fishing with Jeff Cotten - August 1, 2007.

Other Recent Trips (Brushy Land & Mountain trips are listed above)
Texas Hill Country - June 2002 A great Father's Day trip with Dad.
"Cowboy Morning" Breakfast on the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon.
Texas Hill Country - July 2005 Another wonderful trip with Dad to the Fredericksburg/Luckenbach area.
Texas Hill Country Ride Chuck & I ride our street bikes - October 2006.
Texas Hill Country Ride Chuck, Barry & I cruise the hills - November 2007.
Texas Hill Country Ride Jeff & Brad hit the Hill Country in the Spring - April 2008.
Texas Hill Country - June 2011 A trip to the Fredericksburg/Luckenbach area with Dad.
Texas Hill Country - July 2012 A trip to the Fredericksburg/Luckenbach area with Dad.
Texas Hill Country - April 2013 A trip to the Fredericksburg/Luckenbach area with Dad.
Yellowstone - June 2014 A trip out West with Dad.
Europe - Fall 2014 My first trip to many of these places.
Texas Hill Country - April 2017 A trip to the Fredericksburg/Luckenbach area with Dad.

Agnew Gets Married.....January 16, 1999
Bergstrom Gets Married.....July 10, 1999
Neil Gets Married.....July 2003
Devin Gets Married.....August 8, 2008 (i.e. 08-08-08)

Short Audio Clips
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Hey-ed...1969 (mp3) Tammy was 5 & I was 3...Tammy does most of the singing (click here for wma version)
Me at 6 years old...1971 (wav) (Playing alone with tape recorder and mad at my sister)
Grandpa Moser's pre-meal prayer...Xmas 1980 (mp3) Grandpa Moser was my great-grandfather, he lived to be 105 (click here for wma version)
My dad talking with Grandpa Moser...Xmas 1980 (mp3) Grandpa Moser was 96 at the time (click here for wma version)
My nephew Zack at 2.5 years old...1996 (wav) "okay...okay, mama"
Me back in 1998 (wav) Yuck, do I always sound like such a hick?

Info On Me Just who is Brad Stone (a.k.a. Stoner?)
Big Bass I've Caught A gallery of bass weighing at least six pounds.
New Boat Engine I had to replace the engine on Big Red.
Replacing My Boat's Steering System I had to replace Big Red's steering system.
My Christmas Cards Humorously irreverent :)
Video Clips Various video clips from Brushy Land, The Rocky Mountains and other cool places.
My Software Page Games and utilities that I wrote.
My Bass Aquarium Yep, I keep live bass in my house.
My Lil' Monte Montgomery Page An acoustic guitar genius. 
A Tribute To Judy Mandernach We all lost a good friend.
My Favorite Sites Links to a few of Brad's favorite places on the web.
My Cats' Page Some close friends of mine. 
In Memory Of "Sali" I lost a good feline friend on August 16, 2006. 
In Memory Of "Tiger" I lost another feline friend on November 25, 2008. 
In Memory Of "Linda" I lost another feline friend on February 15, 2010. 
In Memory Of "Princess" I lost another feline friend on May 12, 2016. 
In Memory of "Bonnie" A video tribute to the Ferguson's wonderful dog. 
A Tribute To Don Hale We lost another damn good friend.
My Dad's Outdoor Room A neat addition to my dad's house.
A Tribute To Mema My grandmother passed away in July 2009
My Dad's 70th Bday A good time at my house.
Cooking A Ribeye Via Sous Vide Fun with steak - June 2013
A Tribute To Billie Hale This special woman will be missed - January 2020.