Brushyland - July 17, 2005

East Texas had a very dry June - which was great for the pond sealing guys because they didn't have to work in the mud. And July has been very wet - well, for July in Texas. But it turns out that it hasn't been wet enough to put a lot of water back into our pond. Many of the July storms have mysteriously barely missed Brushyland. The gods must be upset with us. LOL. Anyway, we do have about 6 inches of water in the pond - I guess that's a start. But it's not enough to tell if the pond will hold water or not.

Click here to view a current animated weather radar (with Brushyland marked - just southeast of Dallas). If you pay $5 to join "weather underground" you can view several hours of animated radar.

Dad and I put up some camouflage netting to help hide our new container.

As you can see (or not see), the camo really worked! We have since camouflaged that green lower corner to hide it too.

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