Brushyland March 3, 2007

We had 17 people out to Brushyland this trip. Most folks went home that night, but everyone stayed for sunset and dinner. Fun stuff. It was the first Brushyland-sunset and dinner that many of them had experienced. Unfortunately, my camera crapped out on me just after sunset, so I didn't get any pictures of dinner. But David did a great job with the steaks and cobbler, and my potatoes and baked onions turned out fine too.

Cornhole and Washers were big hits. You can see a few motorized toys in the left picture, but there were several more. Several folks brought four-wheelers and dirt bikes this trip. I bet all told we had a half dozen four-wheelers and a dozen or more dirt bikes. It was quite a sight!

Chuck is lowering Tim's new XR250 a hair. In general, I don't recommend pressing a large screwdriver next to a motorcycle part and then wailing on the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer. But that's really how you have to make this particular adjustment. Honest.

Audrey decided that it was time to graduate from 4-wheelers to dirt bikes. She was a natural at it.

Tim and Nancy share a relaxing moment

Sunset on Brushyhenge

As usual, "Bonnie" had a great time at Brushyland. She's a little older now (aren't we all) so she'd periodically lay down and rest a spell, but even while laying down she'd catch a ball or two. What a toot. The kids got a real kick out of her.

The kiddos sure seemed to have a fun time out there...

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