Brushyland Easter 2007

We had a slightly smaller group than usual for Easter this year. The cold weather and possibility of rain (which luckily never came) kept a few people at home. Fortunately, the weather turned out just fine - chilly but not too cold. And as you can see in the above picture, the sun was out quite a bit. Nice Brushyland weather. We did all the usual things: an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos, Easter Egg coloring, an Egg Toss, four-wheeler rides, etc. And I took a couple of really fun dirt bike rides with Jason & Chuck. I got my first dirt bike (a Honda XR75) when I was ten years old, so I've been riding with these guys for over thirty years now. Pretty cool.

The amount of wood on that fire can only mean one built it. He loves a big campfire!

Egg Coloring

"Brushyland Dan" prepares for an incoming egg during the Egg Toss.

Glen tosses an egg. If you look closely you can spot the brown egg in flight.

Mykala told dad about a simple game that sounded like something dad would like. So he immediately rigged one up. You tie a washer to one end of a string and secure the other end of the string above your head. The object of the game is to gently swing the washer so that it hooks itself onto a nearby hook. Simple, addicting, frustrating. But fun...

Becky, dad & Chuck converse near the campfire.

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