Brushyland June 2, 2007

Dad & I recently took a day trip to Brushyland to do a little work. Normally we don't go out there much this time of year - due to the heat. But several folks have expressed interest in doing some day trips this summer, so we thought we should tidy up the place. Due to the wet Spring, Brushyland is already very over-grown. So mowing was our first priority. Unfortunately, rats had chewed through 5 or 6 wires under the hood of the tractor, causing it not to start. But dad & I replaced the wires and eventually got the tractor running. There were also several trees that had fallen across our trails in the deep woods. So along with mowing, I got to do a little chainsawing this trip too. Fun work actually.

Windows Media Video clip of dad working on the tractor (24 seconds)

The pond is currently at 7 ft 2 in. It was at that level last week too, but we had some rain during the week, otherwise it would have lost it's typical 3 to 4 inches. We are going to hire Harmon Mansell to throw out 24 tons of Sodium Bentonite (expanding clay) onto the water with the hope that it will form an impenetrable mat on the bottom. A couple of years ago, Harmon drained our pond and worked 72 tons of Bentonite into the bottom of the pond. It slowed the rate of seepage from one vertical foot per week to one vertical foot per month, but that's still too high of a seepage rate. Maybe the additional Bentonite will help.

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