Brushyland July 7, 2007

Dad bought a new Honda CRF 150 dirt bike. He wanted a smaller, lighter bike - one that would be small enough to teach new riders on, yet powerful enough to haul an adult up a small hill or two. I think he got a great bike for those things. It looks sharp too!

From left to right: Austin, Jeff, Bob, dad
We normally don't go to Brushyland much in July; it's just too hot. But the wet, cooler weather convinced us to do a day trip. Bob Jameson, a friend of Mark Holland's, recently bought a Honda XR400 and joined me for some trail riding. Unfortunately the trails were extremely wet from recent rains, so the hill climbing was tough to say the least. But we still had some great riding. My buddy Jeff Cotten and his son came out for a few hours and rode 4-wheelers. Afterwards, dad bought us all lunch at the wonderful Marina Restaurant on the shores of scenic Lake Athens.

Dad lets his new bike touch Brushyland ground for the very first time.

The big news was that our lake rose 6 vertical feet in the past 7 days. That part of Texas was pounded by heavy rains all that week. In fact, a few of our roads have gulleys and washouts in them right now. Our lake was 6'10" deep seven days ago, now it's 12'10" deep. My depth gauge only goes to 9ft, so it is under water. But we know the depth of the lake because previous calculations tell us how deep the lake will be if the water ever reaches the bridge rail; and right now the water is 28.5 inches from the bridge rail. We recently had a second application of Sodium Bentonite clay applied to our lake in an effort to finally seal it - so hopefully all this water won't leak out!

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