Brushyland July 15, 2007

Tim Speck
Tim & Trevor Speck joined dad & I for a day trip to Brushyland. It was a little hot & humid, but not bad for July. Trevor and I took some good trail rides and we all had a blast (no pun intended) target shooting.

Skeet Shootin' - dad prepares to throw a double for Trevor

Tim riding the trails, with dad behind him

The level of our pond dropped a little over 3 inches during the past week. The pond is still pretty swollen from the heavy rains of two weeks ago, but it won't stay big for long if it continues leaking at this rate. It's possible that the Sodium Bentonite clay that we recently added needs more time to clog up some leaks. Or maybe areas that were not treated with the Bentonite clay won't hold water, but other areas will hold. I guess time will tell what kind of pond (if any) we end up with.

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