Brushyland - March 2000

Nancy Ferguson
I finally got my friends Nancy & Stan Ferguson to come out to Brushyland.   It was worth the wait just to see Nancy's expression on the 4-wheeler.

Stan & Nancy
Next time I bet Nancy will be leading Stan around the land.   The pine tree "tunnel" was a favorite spot of Nancy's.

Brad Going Up Jawbone
Okay, I promise I normally wear my helmet when I go up that dang hill.   I wasn't planning on going up it, but I just couldn't resist.   I mean, I had talked Nancy & Stan into walking down to our viewing platform so it was the least I could do.   Luckily, I was on my XR400 and it pulled me up with no problems.

Joe Hood
We had the pleasure of having David Hood's father, Joe, out at Brushy.   He ended up working his rear off for us.   If you ever go over our new bridge, think of Joe - he dug one of our deepest post holes for it's support.

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