Brushyland December 1 & 2, 2007

Dad, Chuck, The Hoods and I had a great winter outing to Brushyland. Chuck left before sunset and dinner but the rest of us spent the night. That's Dan & Chuck in the above picture - they were sitting on The Shotgun Platform.

Margaret on her dirt bike

Steven getting some air! He has turned into a good little rider. He enjoys hill-climbing so he and I rode several hills together that day. There's a real art to hill-climbing...if you lean too far back the front tire comes up, if you lean too far forward your rear tire loses traction. Steven appears to be a natural.

Chuck fixes a flat on his grandson's dirt bike

Margaret is a pretty good shot

Dad goes over a math problem with Teresa

Fire sittin'

As usual, David nailed the Dutch Oven peach cobbler. Delicious. It was actually a very dark night when David was cooking the cobbler and about the only thing you could see without a flashlight was the bright red glow of those coals. The flash from my camera was so bright that you can't even see a hint of red in the coals. Strange.

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Brad preparing the onions for dinner
Hanging out on The Shotgun Platform

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