Brushyland Jan. 12 & 13, 2008

Dad, Chuck, Gerry Usrey and I spent a fun January weekend out at the land. The weather was nearly perfect - highs in the low 50's, lows in the low 30's. Nice. The campfire felt good.

Be sure to check out some of the videos at the bottom of this page.

Brad, Chuck, Gerry & Dan watching the sunset on Brushyhenge II. We returned to Brushyhenge late that evening for some star gazing. The stars were brilliant that night.

Visiting "The Rock Tree" that dad built in memory of his friend Don Hale. Dad likes for everyone to place a rock on or near The Rock Tree when they visit it.

Gerry & dad on the 4-wheelers

Chuck ready for a ride

Dan turning a dead tree into firewood

We had a great evening sittin' around the fire. Lots of fun topics were discussed: from politics to music theory to science to the environment. And the food was good too: ribeyes, baked potatoes, baked onions, asparagus, beans, etc. And to top it off we had some excellent Dutch Oven peach cobbler cooked on the red-hot coals.

Technically this picture was taken roughly one week prior to this trip...but close enough. Dad & I were planning how to make the entrance into Brushyland more attractive - yet still keep it rustic-looking too. We decided on building several rock pylons about 16 feet apart and place two massive 6x6 boards as horizontal fence rails between the rock pylons. Neither dad nor I have ever worked with rock before, so this should be a very interesting project.

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Dan pulling a dead tree with his truck
Visiting The Rock Tree
Pre-dinner campire sittin'

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