Brushyland March 5, 2008

My sister and her son, Zack, came down to Texas for a visit - and of course we took a trip to Brushyland! We had some cold and wet weather just prior to our visit to Brushyland, but luckily the weather turned out perfect for us on that late-winter day. That's dad, Tammy & Zack sitting on Brushyhenge II.

Dad & Zack in the "Pine Tree Tunnel"

Tammy shooting the .22 rifle - dad brought some exploding targets that were a hoot!

Zack shootin' the .22 pistol

Dad & Zack cruising on the 4-wheelers

Zack, Tammy & dad at "Don's Rock Tree"; a structure dad built in memory of his friend, Don Hale. Hard to believe how tall Zack has gotten!

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