Brushyland November 8, 2008

My friend, Sarah Hendrix, and her two boys (and one of their friends) joined Dad and I for a wonderful Fall day at Brushyland. And we managed to completely replaced the root-clogged sewer pipe behind The Outhouse. It's amazing what a few teenage boys can get accomplished! Watching them brought back memories of Jason and I when we were their age and running around on that land back in the late 70's. Lot's of energy!

Dad with his left foot on top of the septic tank (see the below older pictures for reference)

The installation of the original septic tank (circa 1985)
That's our friend, Richard Dowd, taking his turn at hand-digging the hole for the tank.

Fixin' to bury our new sewer pipe. The picture on the right is of me when I noticed that we bought the wrong couplers. A quick trip to an Athens hardware store solved our problem.

The boys did a lot of work (which we much appreciated!) but as you can see they also got to have some fun too!

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