Brushy Land
January 24-25, 2009

The Hood's (plus some pals of their's) joined Dad and I for a terrific over-night trip to Brushy Land. Late January provided another wonderful weekend to be outdoors. It was chilly enough to make the fire feel good, but not so cold that a little movement wouldn't warm you right up. Perfect.

Be sure to check out the short video clips at the bottom of this page.

The next generation of riders: Steven (on the bike) and his friend Eric. They are roughly the age I was when Dad bought the land. I must say, they have cooler-looking riding gear than I had.

The always adorable Margaret

Dad & I stopped by the Athens lumber yard on the way to Brushy Land and had a guy follow us to the front gate area with a load of 16 foot long 6x6's for our front gate project. It was the same driver who delivered us the wood for the rebuilding of Brushyhenge nearly three years ago. So after he dropped off the 6x6's we drove him up to the new Brushyhenge so that he could see what we did with the wood he delivered three years ago. He fell in love with the structure.

Two of Teresa's friends showed up on Sunday. Kelley (far left) and Chris (middle) seemed to have a really fun time out there and added a lot to trip.

Margaret visiting The Rock Tree

The Shotgun Platform
I love the various expressions and the covered ears in this picture. Folks were getting ready for Dad to shoot a Tannerite exploding target with his .44 Henry rifle. Those targets pack quite a wallup! When they explode, you can feel a concussion wave shake your body. LOL. There's a video clip at the bottom of this page of me shooting a half-pound target (roughly the size of your fist). The video was shot on Steven's cell phone and had to be digitally rotated 90 degrees, so the quality isn't great - but you can get the gist :)

The gals enjoyed shootin' stuff every bit as much as the guys!

Kelley & Chris had both ridden 4-wheelers before, but this was their first time to learn how to ride a dirt bike. They both learned remarkably quickly.

Me, Steven, Eric, David

The Kid's Table
It wasn't so much that the adults didn't want to sit with the kids, it was more like the kids didn't want to sit with the adults :) As usual, David did a great job with the steaks and cobbler. My baked potatoes and baked onions turned out well too. Good times.

Even after eating a big meal, S'mores were in order!

Windows Media Player Video Clips

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Brad shooting a Tannerite exploding target
Having the 16-foot long 6x6 fence rails delivered
Following Dad on a 4-wheeler
Just driving down the iron-ore road towards Brushy Land

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