Brushy Land
March 14-15, 2009

Thirteen folks visited Brushy Land for a late Winter weekend in the woods. It had been cold and rainy for the previous four days but the weather broke just in time for the weekend. Temperatures were chilly but not too cold, and the rain stayed away. Nice. The usual suspects were there: me, Dad, Chuck, Bo, Jeff, David, Teresa, Steven and Margaret. And we had some first-timers too: David's cousin, Greg, came out with his wife Shelli and their two kids Peyton and Parker. A fun group to be sure.

From left to right: David, Bo, Teresa & Margaret, Greg & Peyton, Steven, Parker & Shelli

We didn't get a lot of work done on our front entrance project but we did manage to break a few rocks for the columns. In the left picture, Dad is scoring a rock with a DeWalt saw. We learned that scoring the rock with a hammer and chisel works just as well - if not better. In the right picture, David and Margaret try to break a rock so that it has a nice corner.

Jeff showed up in his cool Jeep

Relaxin on the 4-wheelers

Shelli & Parker

Margaret & Peyton helped me prepare the sautéed mushroom appetizer

Margaret after shooting really well on The Shotgun Platform

Parker with his 410 shotgun

Steven shooting clay pigeons with a 20 gauge shotgun. Check out this video of Steven shooting my dad's .44 Henry replica into a Tannerite exploding target.

David did a great job with the steaks again. The baked potatoes, baked onions, and cobbler were all delicious too.

Dan & Chuck doing some pre-dinner campfire sittin'

Steven found a new use for an old piece of PVC pipe: pole-vaulting over firewood. He was quite good at it. Unfortunately his left knee caught the top of the woodpile on this particular attempt and he took a pretty good spill. But he shook it off and was soon back at it. Most of us would have been laid up for the rest of the weekend. Oh, to be young again.

For breakfast, Greg whipped up some biscuit batter from scratch and then he & David cooked them the hard way: in a Dutch Oven over coals. And they turned out heavenly. Very impressive!

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Steven shooting a Tannerite exploding target
Dan shooting a Tannerite exploding target
Steven, Bo & Parker using a PVC pipe as a catapult
The kids using PVC pipe for pole-vaulting
Greg & David cooking biscuits in a Dutch Oven
David & Steven riding the tough route up "The Widow Maker"

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