Brushy Land
April 30, 2009

The lovely old oak tree that stood near the entrance of "Half Rabbit Trail" for all these decades has been laid low by high winds and the march of time. It didn't break at the trunk, the enormous root ball was uprooted. I hate to see it go, but that must have been one heck of a crash when it hit the ground. I would love to have been there when it fell. But not too close :)

Me at age 13 in the tree that has now fallen (January 1980)

Dad & I decided to hang our new gate on a very sturdy galvanized metal pipe (concreted into the ground). We went through three cordless drill batteries, but eventually we got the holes drilled for the hinges. The pipe is on the backside of the rock column and won't show much - especially after we paint it tan and build the columns taller than the pipe.

We saved the old "Brushy Land" sign and put it on the new gate.

A view from inside our property looking out.

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