Brushy Land
October 31, 2009

Chuck lent a hand with the Front Entrance Project during this beautiful Fall weekend. Chuck is doing one of my favorite chores (seriously) ... breaking rocks into cornerstones that have at least one 90-degree angle on them.

Me mixing mortar. We do this quite a bit. The entire project (all 8 columns) will take around 101 bags of mortar. I'm wearing surgical gloves because working with mortar this much will eat your skin if you don't wear protection. We like to use our fingertips when working the mortar in between the rock so gloves are a must.

Dad touching up the first column to the left of the gate.

At this point all four columns to the right of the gate have been finished. And we only lack a few layers of rock to add to two of the four columns to the left of the gate. So this project is nearing completion.

Another View

We don't hunt, but the automatic "game camera" that Neil gave us captured a few deer (also see the below picture). I had previously thrown out some deer corn to attract the deer to that spot. The deer at Brushy Land are very skittish and rarely seen.

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