Brushy Land
February 2012

Fifteen friends joined Dad and me for a weekend in the east Texas woods. It rained pretty much all day on Saturday, but we still had a ball. And Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. Over the weekend we rode dirt bikes & 4-wheelers, the kids got soaked to the bone, my tent flooded, Neil grilled the best-tasting ribeye I've ever had, Gary's son quickly learned how to ride a dirt bike, and we shot a lot of clay pigeons and other non-living targets that go BOOM. Good times.

In attendance:
Brad, Dan, David & Teresa Hood & family (plus 2 friends), Neil & Nicky Sanders & family, Gary Krumbholz & his son, Jeff & Tracy Cotten & their son.

The tilling I did at The Compound area in the Fall has paid off with a nicer crop of winter rye

Gary Krumbholz on my Dad's old XR250

Gary's son riding a dirt bike for his first time - he was a fast learner

Neil grilled some heavenly steaks! David's campfire cobbler was perfect too.

Jeff and his boy

David driving our MUV loaded with guns and clay pigeons.

Dad just launched a clay pigeon for David to shoot. David was the best shot that day.

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