Brushy Land
Easter 2024

This was the first holiday outing at Brushy Land since my Dad died. So it was a little sad at times. But it was nice being near good friends who loved Dad and who know how much Brushy Land meant to him. So it was an enjoyable and meaningful Easter in the East Texas woods. Goodness knows that's what Dad would want for us.

Folks brought a lot of great food to share. Melissa's banana pudding (with Chessman cookies) was outstanding, as was Diane's M&M cookies, Mykala's lemon pound cake, and lots of other offerings. My thanks to everyone who brought food!

It's become a tradition for some of us to take a walk after eating lunch. We usually walk to Brushyhenge (our sunset viewing platform), and then on to the Sunrise Platform. It's a good way to burn off some of that wonderful dessert.

Jason towed his 1983 Jeep Scrambler to the land for the weekend. It used to belong to Dad in the old days, and we kept it at the land for decades. Jason got it running good, and it was great having it back out there for the weekend!

The annual egg toss is always a hoot. Joel and his wife won it this year.

We had some leftover raw eggs from the egg toss, so we started throwing them at a particular pine tree, LOL. That was actually a lot of fun.

A few weeks ago Diane bought one of Dad's steak knife sets at his estate sale, and she gave it to her son Colt at Easter who was turning 27 that day.

Diane and a few other spent the previous night at Brushy Land, so when I showed up on Easter moring she was fixing some Dutch Oven biscuits in the coals of the campfire. And they were delicious. The recipe calls for Bisquick, 7-Up, sour cream, and butter. So good.

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