Brushyland - April 2001

Stoner Catching Some Air
Neil, Courtney and I buried some old tires to make a short but rather steep jump in our new track.   Who says an XR400 can't jump?

Here's dad testing out a smaller jump we made using a partially buried log.

Gary Krumbholz entertained us with some incredible guitar playing and singing.   "Fire and Rain" was, of course, my favorite.

We noticed back in the Fall that the old oak tree near the camp area was dead.   With surgeon like precision, dad fell it in exactly the right spot.   I took this picture as it was falling.   We should have a good supply of firewood for the next several trips.

Scott Sewell and his family came out on Sunday.   Each member of his family has their own bike.   Very cool.   Above are his twin 9 year old girls.   That's Ryan Krumbholz in the top picture.

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