Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil III

April 7th, 2001

Brian Doing His Thang
Brian made the best batch of crawfish yet!   Very spicey but oh so good.   He cooks ears of corn and new potatoes with the crawfish and they turned out wonderful too.   I think we had around 35 people at this year's boil.   It was a very fun group.

The Zartman's
Walt Zartman and his two darling kids made it to the boil this year.

We had a lot of kids at the boil this year.   I got a real kick out of watching them color eggs and redecorate the back of my dog house.   The glitter is still glued on there.   Creative little guys.   The yellow sign says "To Daddy Brad".   They know how to win me over.

Work Crew
Some friends from my office building showed up this year (Rick & Leti Carson, Stan & Nancy Ferguson).   They try to keep as far away from my other friends as possible.

The Krumbholz's and The Agnew's
Gary is pointing at a huge plate-full of heads.   The question is - did he suck all those??

Mike Agnew
Now that's a plate-full of crawfish!

Dan Da Man
Dad and Billie Hale (seated) talk with a young'un. A big plate of crawfish, a Corona, and old friends. Man, it just doesn't get any better than that!

This was taken very late in the evening.   Rumor has it that I mooned my webcam that night - but I'm pretty sure it's just a rumor :)

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