Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil IV

April 13th, 2002

Neil Sanders and Brian Bergstrom
Brian matched the wonderful taste of last year's crawfish with this year's batch. Those suckers were spicey...but delicious! As were the corn and potatos. We had quite a downpour just an hour before the boil started so we had a lighter turnout than last year - but the 25 or so people that made it were certainly rewarded!

"Brushyland Dan"
My dad made it once again to this year's crawfish boil and from what I saw, he ate his share of the little critters.

Pouring The Mudbugs
Neil helped out a lot at this year's boil. I took this picture as he and Brian were in the process of filling a second ice chest full of cooked crawfish. We've learned that an Igloo ice chest can keep the crawfish and the corn/potatos very hot for hours.

The Mandernachs
Kent, Marilee and their son Bo made it to boil this year. Kent seems to be concentrating pretty hard on peeling those little guys!

Taking A Nap?
We had several cute kids at the boil again this year. Even though they were under a blanket, I'm not sure Alaina Carlson and Victoria Chandler were really taking nap on the couch in my garage. Apparently I made the Cherry Kool-Aid a bit strong on sugar and weak on water so the kids were very "active". He, he, he.

The Chef And His Kid
Brian finally took a break from cooking to eat a few crawfish. That's his son, Cole, in his lap with Kent Mandernach next to him. My friends Stan & Nancy Ferguson are in the back too. Sorry for the dark picture - I don't think my flash went off for some reason.

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