Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil V

April 12th, 2003

Brian Stirring The Witch's Brew
Brian did another excellent job with the chow this year. I bet you never knew he stirred your food with a 2x4. We had perfect weather for the boil this year - a rarity. Neil made his famous queso and several wives brought wonderful desserts, including a heavenly bannana pudding made by Susan Hill.

We had over 45 adults and a dozen kids show up this year. What a great group. Up top are some friends that work in my office building including Nancy & Stan Ferguson and Rick Carson. Stan & Nancy left a retreat to come hang out with us at the boil. They were probably already on thin ice with God so I'm not sure that was a real smart move. In the bottom picture my dad (on the right) is enjoying the boil with his brother, Steve. Steve was a crawfish-virgin until that day.

Chris Daddy

The Kids
The young 'uns had a ball this year coloring easter eggs, blowing bubbles and playing with various toys & games. Of course, my friends and I had a bit of fun too when we played "asses up" later in the evening - after several drinks. Asses up is played sorta like hacky sack, but with a soccer ball. The first person to spell A-S-S by messing up three times gets a soccer ball shot at his ass - by all the other players.

That cutie blowing bubbles in the bottom picture is Victoria Chandler.

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