Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil VI

April 17th, 2004

The Master Chef
Brian did a great job cooking the mudbugs - as usual. He toned down the spices a little last year but was requested to "turn up the heat" this year. Mmmm, it was damn good - probably my favorite batch yet. Yes, his apron had a Texas flag on it with "Tex Appeal" written across it. What a card. I paid a guy to make that cool neon Coors Light sign (with a crawfish). It turned out really well.

We had around 40 adults and a dozen or so kids this year. Some of the folks pictured above are: The Fergusons, The Specks, The Speirs, P.J. Ward, The Carsons and The Ellis'. Great group. A lot of folks showed up later in the evening - after I ran out of film :(

Scott Daniels made it to our boil for the very first time. But it was apparent that the boy had been to plenty of boils in his day - he was very good at getting at the meat in the mudbugs, even in their little claws. I'm pretty sure he set a record for the most crawfish eaten by a single person at one of my boils. Very impressive. Before he retired, he was the best dang internist in Dallas. I hadn't seen Scott in several years so I was shocked to find that he's still a heck of a nice guy :)

Philip & Kylen Lindsley and Dan Stone. Why do I get the feeling that Philip and dad are telling dirty jokes?

Cathy Bates and Darla Agnew
Cathy came in from North Carolina to join the fun at this year's boil. And she finally got to see the cat enclosure.

We had great weather again this year. So the kids were able to fully enjoy the backyard activities: hula-hooping, coloring easter eggs, blowing bubbles, climbing the neighbor's fence to get balls, etc. I pretty much just ate and drank. That's Mike Agnew in the picture on the right with his son, Barret, and friend Trey Bergstrom (on the right).

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