Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil #7

April 16th, 2005

Brad & Brian
We had around 40 adults and a dozen or more kids this year. It was a very fun group. And the weather cooperated again this year. What a great evening. Brian did another bang-up job cooking the mudbugs. At the risk of giving Brian a big head, lot's of people said it was the best tasting crawfish they had ever eaten. Not bad for a couple of boys from Texas.

The usual suspects showed up this year (the Fergusons, Lindsleys, Usreys, Carlsons, Agnews, Bergstroms, Krumbholzs, Chuck Mandernach, my dad, etc). And we also had a few new faces too. But unfortunately Neil and Chris were out of town this year, but we still talked about them behind their backs :)

On the left, Juliann Krumbholz poses with Nicky and the adorable Ella Sanders. Our good friend, Cathy Bernbaum (on the right), flew in from North Carolina with her cute gal, Kendall, just for the party! Very nice.

As you can see lots of crawfish and cold beverages were consumed during the party. On the left, that's the Agnews and Christine Krumbholz with several plates full of mudbugs. And on the right, that's Dave Carlson, me, and Jason & Mykala Hale.

Trey Bergstrom and his friend Barrett Agnew share a cold one. I've seen their fathers do the same thing a time or two thousand. And that's me on the right hula-hooping near my cat enclosure. It's a little known fact that as a kid I was damn good at that. To my surprise, I still am. I'm guessing that Mike Hill had already given me at least one shot of Jack Daniels by this point in the party.

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