Dad's 70th Birthday Party
September 5, 2009

Over 70 friends & family showed up at my house to celebrate my father's 70th birthday. And what a party it was! It was a little warm in my back yard, but it could have been much worse. And the much forecasted rain never materialized. Good weather, good food, good friends.

A few week after this party, Dad handed me a speech that he had written for the occasion but never read. I thought it was a pretty good speech. Here it is.

The Dan Stone Shrine. I displayed a couple of dozen pictures of Dad in my den. That's an Einstein doll hanging from his hand under the Happy Birthday banner (for those that don't know, Dad loves math & science). I also played a video that I made for Dad ten years ago for his 60th birthday party. The video contains many still photos as well as video clips from his life. It still holds up.

I had Blue Goose Mexican restaurant cater the party. The food was quite good - their soft cheese tacos are to die for. And the caterers (Marcus & Rian) were nice as could be.

Chow time. There were also a few tables set up in my grass.

Mmmm...dessert! Debbie Speck made her famous cheesecake (actually two cheesecakes - plain and coconut). They were heavenly of course. Billie Hale made her equally famous lemon pound cake (again, two of them). And Laurel Dowd brought a delicious cake too! Very nice!!

It was nice seeing Dad's sister Joyce (red shirt) there.

One of Dad's friends couldn't make the party, so she hired a fairy to come instead! It was hilarious. Here's a video of her singing to Dad.

After the fairy finished singing, I gave a short toast and then several of Dad's friends sung him a song to the tune of On The Road Again. Nancy wrote the lyrics of course. It was very cute. Here's a video of their performance.

Dad was pretty much a social butterfly that night.

It's not a party until folks start doing tequila shots!

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"The Fairy" serenading Dad
Dad's friends serenading him

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