Brad's Favorite Links On The Web

Monte Montgomery The most incredible guitar player of all time
Jim Gore's Web Page Lake Fork's best bass fishing guide (I wrote this site)
Lake Fork Report A current fishing report on the country's best bass lake
General Lake Fork Info A terrific new site full of information on Lake Fork
TP&W Texas Parks & Wildlife
"Remedy's" Web Page My buddy, Gary Krumbholz's band
Rick Carson's Web Page A great friend and a great therapist
Stan Ferguson's Web Page Another great friend and great therapist (I wrote this site)
Neil Sanders' Web Page A site I did for my buddy
Weather Forecast A 5-day forecast for Dallas, Texas
Weather Forecast A 5-day forecast for Brushyland (Athens, Texas)
Weather Image A fairly current, animated satellite display of Texas
Jack Daniels Best with a little coke
Satellite Sighting Times Pick a city near you to get fly over times for the Space Station, Shuttle, etc.
The U.S. Constitution Read it, live it
Texas State Senators Addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Sister7 (formerly Little Sister) A great little band from Texas
Google The web's best search engine

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