Night Fishing At Lake Fork, TX

June 2nd, 2006

My ol' buddy, Jeff Cotten, met me at Lake Fork for some night fishing on Friday June 2, 2006. We got a hotel room at Oakridge Marina and fished some the next day too. It's always a lot of fun fishing with Jeff; we've been bass fishing together since we were teenagers. We didn't catch a lot of fish on this particular trip, but the fish were nice sized - averaging around four and a half pounds. We had a very rare northerly wind this trip. As usual, this seemed to cause very few fish to bite - and when they did bite, they did so very lightly. I don't think we ever had a fish nail our bait with gusto. That's pretty rare at night.

Jeff caught the biggest bass - while we were fishing on "Brad's Hump", an extended secondary point I like to fish at night. It weighed 6.9 pounds and is the fish that Jeff is holding in the below picture. My biggest was a 4.7 pounder, shown below Jeff's picture. Jeff also caught a crappie on a Carolina Rigged stud-fry during the heat of the day the next day. It's pretty rare to catch a crappie in that manner.

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