Brad & David at Lake Fork

July 27, 2007

This was David Hood's first nighttime bass fishing trip - I think he got a kick out of it. Fishing for bass at midnight is a hoot; the temperature is relatively cool and there aren't many (if any) other boats near you. But the fishing was off a bit for us. At night the bass usually hit your plastic bait with such gusto that it almost scares you, LOL. But very rarely, there is a night when they hit so softly that you never feel the initial hit; you just feel the weight of the fish. This was one of those nights. So we missed several fish because we realized too late that they were on. But at least we caught a couple of nice ones. That's a 7.5 pounder I'm holding in the top picture and David is holding a 4.0 pounder in the bottom picture. Fun stuff.

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