Texas Hill Country Trip - March 2024

This was my first time to the Texas Hill Country since Dad died a few months back in December 2023. Over the decades, Dad & I took some wonderful trips down there. So it was even harder than I expected to visit familiar spots that he & I loved so much. It was also hard knowing that when I return home that he wouldn't be there to hear about the fun & familiar things I did down there. Still, I'm glad that I took this trip, and I will always think of him when I'm down there - or anywhere else for that matter.

Dad loved the rugged beauty of Enchanted Rock. I took the picture on the left during this trip, and I took the one on the right during Dad's last hike there in April 2013.

I sprinkled some of Dad's ashes (and a few of my tears) at the top of Enchanted Rock.

The Bluebonnets were already blooming along many of the roads in the Hill Country. This picture was taken on highway 29 just east of Llano, TX.

The burger at the Alamo Springs Cafe was as good as always. This is my (and was Dad's) favorite burger anywhere. The cafe is nestled deep in the woods, not far from Luckenbach. A really neat spot.

The bust of Hondo Crouch at sunset in Luckenbach, TX.

That night I saw the very talented Monte Montgomery perform in the Luckenbach dancehall. He is amazing on that electrified-acoustic guitar!

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