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   Here are some things that I wrote in Visual Basic just for fun.   Feel free to download and distribute anything on this page.    The programs have been tested fairly extensively...but use them at your own risk.   All programs should run fine under Windows 95/98/2000/ME & NT (sorry Win3.1 and Mac users).  Just download and run the setup program for the program you are interested in and an icon will be installed for you.

1. Lake Fork

I love fishing at Lake Fork, TX so much that I had to write a simple Lake Fork fishing game to keep my lust for fishing satisfied while I'm not on the lake.   It's not too fancy, but kinda fun.   You will be competing in a fishing tourney on Lake Fork against top pros like Rick Clunn and Roland Martin.   Good Luck!

Click here to download SETUPLF.EXE (2.7 meg)

2. PCspeed

This is a little program that tests your computer's speed on several items (graphics, reading/writing to disk and calculating).   After the test is through it gives a comparison of the results with a couple of my computers.   If you have two computers, it's sometimes useful to see how they differ from one another.

Click here to download SETUPPC.EXE (2.0 meg)

3. Monthly Payments

Ever thought of making a big purchase and wished you could play with the numbers to see how much you need to put down to have a reasonable monthly payment?   This program lets you adjust the amount of the loan, the percentage rate and the number of months to pay out the loan in order to arrive at a desired monthly payment.

Click here to download SETUPMO.EXE (2.0 meg)

4. Monthly Payments...on-line

If you don't want to download the above program, you can calculate monthly loan payments on-line via the below form.
Amount Of Loan (e.g. 25000):
Percentage Rate (e.g. 6.95):
Number Of Months (e.g. 36):

5. The Montiac Challenge

Here's a program that asks you 30 questions about acoustic guitar genius, Monte Montgomery, and the Monte eGroups list.   It was written in Visual Basic so getting it to play .MP3 clips was a bit of a challenge.   I know it doesn't contain any viruses, but I'm not 100% sure it will work on everyone's computer/sound card.   But so far I haven't heard of any problems.   The setup file is pretty big so it might take awhile to download (12 minutes on a 28.8 connection).    Sorry!

Click here to download SETUPMON.EXE (2.8 meg)

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