Cali is currently 6 years old

Cali - back when she was 8 months old

On August 6, 2011 I was volunteering down at the Austin Street Shelter in Dallas when I noticed this gorgeous 8-month old calico just outside the shelter. She was fairly shy, but she was okay with some petting. I was told that she “sometimes” get fed, but she's never given water. I was also told that most cats down there eventually get eaten by packs of wild dogs. I couldn’t leave her there. When I approached her, she was laying on her side near an A/C compressor. She looked skinny, dehydrated and exhausted by the extreme heat of a record hot Texas summer.

I got her spayed and vaccinated - and then put her in my guest bedroom. At first she was very afraid of my hands, and she'd swat and even bite them. My goal was to befriend her and then find a good home for her. But after working with her for several days I was too bonded to her to give her away. She stopped swatting at my hands in anger, but unfortunately she has a bit of an irritable streak and will hiss when she's not in the mood to be petted. This irritable streak has continued for several years now. But she also has a sweet side that makes up for it. Plus, she's cute as a button :)

Below are some pictures of Cali, followed by several short video clips.

August 2011 - age 8 months

She was a tiny gal when I first found her!

November 2011 - age 11 months

She may be a rascal, but she's a cute rascal

Windows Media Player Video Clips

If you don't have the latest version of the Windows Media Player you can get the free version by clicking here.

Playing with a feather (8 months) - August 2011
Being sweet - August 2011
Putting her toy in a box - August 2011
Sleeping next to my arm - August 2011
Playing "fetch" - September 2011

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