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The Catrun & Cat Enclosure

I keep my cats indoors to protect them from disease, cat fights, mean people, coyotes,and cars. To enhance their quality of life, I built them some outdoor enclosures so they can walk on grass, catch bugs and get some fresh air.

Click here for some pictures of the large cat enclosure.

Click here for some pictures (and a video) of the original catrun.

The Catwalks

I built my kitties some catwalks inside my house to provide them with a less boring environment.

Click here for some catwalk pictures.

Windows Media Player Video Clips

(for more videos see individual cat pages)

If you don't have the latest version of the Windows Media Player you can get the free version by clicking here. On some connections, the video may be a bit jerky as it "buffers" while streaming in the video.   In that case you might let it completely finish and then play it again.

Very first video of Tiger (approx. 3.5 yrs old) - December 1993
Tiger playing in his new carpeted cat house - December 1993
Tiger & Linda first see each other (Tiger 4, Linda 6 mos) - January 1995
Tiger following Linda around house - January 1995
Tiger & Linda groom each other - January 1995
Tiger & Linda groom each other some more - January 1995
Tiger & Linda playing - January 1995
Linda playing with feather stick - January 1995
Tiger & Linda in cat run for first time - February 1995
Tiger & Linda grooming each other (Tiger 9, Linda 5) - December 1999
Sali's first video (roughly 1 years old) - August 2003
Sali pouncing inside Coors Light box - October 2003
Sali chasing tail on carpeted tower Part I - May 2005
Princess eating outside my office building (age 2) - March 2004
Tiger & Princess grooming each other - January 2005
Josie waking up after a nap in my jacket - June 11, 2007
Josie playing with new spring toy - June 14, 2007
Josie playing "fetch" with Nancy at Brad's house - July 18, 2007
Riley exploring front part of house for first time (age 2 years) - May 18, 2010
Riley in cat enclosure for first time (age 2 years) - May 23, 2010
Cali sleeping next to my arm - August 2011
Cali playing "fetch" - September 2011
Riley grooming Josie as Cali watches - March 2012
Princess head-butting my face for first time (age 10) - April 2012
Clips of Princess from her final years

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