Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil II

April 22nd, 2000

"Grumpy" - Cookin' The Crawfish
Well, it had been three years since my buddy Brian and I threw the first crawfish boil.   After cleaning up all the smelly leftover remains of 175 pounds of crawfish, I now remember why I waited 3 years.   The good news is that Brian did another awesome job cooking the mudbugs.   I bet his hands still reak though.

Allie On Her Due Date
Yep, April 22nd was Allison's due date!   Luckily she managed to keep little Alaina from entering the world for a few more days.   The good thing about having a crawfish boil is that you have plenty of hot water and towels around.

Brenna getting a mouth full of crawfish!

Below are some some Windows Media Video clips from the crawfish boil. Click here if you need the latest free version of the Windows Media Player.

Quick peek at the crawfish/corn/potatos
Little Brenna eating crawfish
Brian sucking head/peeling extra crawfish

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