Brad & Brian's Crawfish Boil #24
April 20, 2024

Well, our luck finally ran out when it comes to good weather for the annual Boil. The typical north Texas spring storms have often threatened this party, but they would mysteriously miss us. Not this year. LOL. It stormed all day on the day of the Boil, thus flooding my backyard - and it rained for the first part of the party itself. And just for good measure, it was also unseasonably cold with temperatures in the mid 50's.

And yet, we still had a great time. The weather forecast had looked bleak for several days in advance, so I had some tents set up, and I moved a few tables inside the garage. The food ended up being terrific - Brian did another great job cooking the mudbugs, and Mykala's banana pudding was wonderful, as was Laurel's orange pound cake. We gave a well deserved toast to my remarkable father who always loved this party and who passed just a few months earlier. I sure appreciate those who braved the weather to come to this year's Boil.

(this picture was taken just a couple of hours before the start of the party)

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