Riley was put to sleep on September 18, 2022, he was 14 to 15 years old

May 2010 - back when he was 2 years old

In May of 2010 my friend Nancy asked if I could foster a roughly 2 year old male kitty that was in need of a home. The previous owner of "Regalito", as he was then called, had taken ill and reluctantly gave him up. After keeping him in my guest bedroom for just a couple of days, I knew I couldn't part with him. He was just too special - major "foster fail". LOL. Riley is playful and affectionate and cute as can be. He likes headbutting his head and face strongly against my head or hands as much as possible. And he'll do that with some of my friends too. I wanted a different name for him, and Nancy came through like she so often does; she suggested "Riley". Perfect.

Riley is the perfect cat, and I don't say that lightly. Even while he's playing very rough with a toy, he instinctively knows to be gentle with my hand if my hand accidentally gets near him. He often raises up like a horse on its hind legs to headbutt my hand as I walk near him. Like many black and white cats (like the late Sali) Riley has a big personality. So if he wants in a cabinet, he'll stick with it until he gets in. If I block off an entrance hole on the catwalks with a paper plate, he'll chew right through it. Little stinker. He also loves to bring in critters from the outdoor cat enclosure including cicadas, lizards and even grass snakes. He keeps life interesting!

Starting in February 2022, Riley began having bouts of diarrhea. And he soon became lethargic and less playful. Ultrasounds and blood tests indicated intestinal lymphoma and probably liver cancer too. With medication and a lot of TLC, I kept him alive for over six months. He wasn't very playful during that time, and he probably didn't always feel great - but he still had days when he clearly felt pretty good. And throughout it all, he remained sweet as could be, and he purred loudly as I petted him. What a troooper. On September 18, 2022 I decided it was time to end his discomfort. Riley was a very special cat, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have had that handsome, playful, loving boy in my life. He is very much missed.

Below are some pictures of Riley, followed by several short video clips.

May 2010 - age 2 years

What a handsome guy!

May 2010 - Riley age 2, Josie age 3

That's the late Josie (grey tabby) with Riley just after I introduced them. They took an instant liking to one another. It took a few months before they started grooming each other, but then they did it often. And they snuggled a lot together too. They reminded me a lot of my very first two cats, Tiger and Linda. Very sweet.

January 2019 - Riley age 10, Josie age 11

March 2020 - Riley age 11, Josie age 12

December 2012 age 4 and November 2021 age 13

Riley LOVES playing in the elevated carpeted cat tunnel. He especially likes me to dangle the tail of his favorite toy rat near him when he's in there!

July 2020 - Riley age 12, Bailey age 14

The late Bailey (on the right) usually didn't want Riley to be too close to him. But sweet Riley couldn't resist trying to get near Bailey. So sometimes Riley would wait until Bailey fell asleep and then he'd crawl up next to him, like in this picture.

June 2021 - age 13

Riley loves people - whether they are strangers or friends like Nancy. He especially loves it when they sit in my blue Lazyboy chair in my den. He'll stand on their chest and rub his head all over their face, lol. He's done that a lot to Nancy and to my friend Jason too.

April 2022 - age 13 (almost 14)

At night, Riley usually sleeps a couple of feet from me on top of the bed. But sometimes he likes to sleep on my shoulder often putting his face on top of mine. He usually purrs himself to sleep like that.

Windows Media Player Video Clips

If you don't have the latest version of the Windows Media Player you can get the free version by clicking here.

Riley exploring front part of house for first time (age 2 years) - May 18, 2010
Riley entering cat run for first time (age 2 years) - May 23, 2010
Riley in cat enclosure for first time (age 2 years) - May 23, 2010
Josie & Riley grooming (Josie 3 years, Riley 2 years) - August 2010
Josie & Riley grooming (Josie 4 years, Riley 3 years) - April 26, 2011
Josie & Riley grooming (Josie 4 years, Riley 3 years) - May 8, 2011

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