Hill Country Trip - July 2012

Dad & I enjoy visiting the scenic and laid-back part of Texas known as the Hill Country (see here, here, and here). We often go down there in the summer because the Hill Country peaches are delicious then. But due to the heat, we may start going there in the springtime from now on. This year, Dad picked me up at my house after I got home from work on Friday night, and we drove down to Waco and spent the night in a Comfort Inn. On our way to Waco we stopped by the Czech Stop in nearby West, Texas for some of their famous kolaches. It was our first time there, and we enjoyed the chow.

Dad & I are standing on the top of Enchanted Rock north of Fredericksburg. It's one of our most favorite hikes on the planet. We drove straight to the rock from Waco on Saturday morning, so we didn't start the hike until 10am. By the time we were back at Dad's Tahoe, it was a little after 11am and it was already very hot. It was still an enjoyable hike, with lots of kids & families that we spoke with, but we won't do it in the heat again.

After we hiked Enchanged Rock, we stopped by the Alamo Springs Cafe for one of their world famous burgers. This place is nestled in the hill country woods near the Bat Tunnel not far from Luckenbach. It's off the beaten path, but definitely worth going to! As Dad often says, sometimes you have to want to go places - and it usually turns out to be well worth the effort.

At the Alamo Springs Cafe I ran into Merredith Montgomery - the sister of Monte Montgomery, my favorite guitar player.

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